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Heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing without the safety and environmental hazards.

Your cleaning crews' best friend.

Reduce labor costs by 70% with the one-pass cordless scrubber/dryer. 

EnvirOx revolutionized the cleaning industry with the H2Orange2 products, a patented hydrogen peroxide line of green cleaners.  They are safer and healthier for people and the environment.  Best of all, EnvirOx works!


Cleaning, sanitizing and degreasing is challenging and can be dangerous.  EnvirOx solves the problem with neutral pH (6.5) products that clean the entire spectrum: from toilets (acid pH 1-3) to greasy floors (alkaline pH 12-14).

The EnvirOx products deliver Safety, Simplicity, Sustainability and Savings.  Reduced shipping and storage are a bonus!


  • Using a neutral pH product eliminates caustic chemicals like toilet bowl cleaner or degreasers.

  • Cleaning and degreasing remove dirt, grease, ice melt, and excess surfactant from other cleaning products.  This eliminates slip and fall hazards that create a liability nightmare for facility managers and building owners. 

  • Our EPA-registered Sanitizer/Virucide or Ecologo Green Certified H2Orange2 products are low toxicity cleaners and sanitizers.



  • With the EnvirOx One Product - Two Dilutions the cleaning crew eliminates multiple products including glass, stainless steel, neutral floor, carpet, restroom, all-purpose and tile & grout cleaners. 

  • It works on any water-safe surface.

  • Using a closed-loop dispenser system (wall or portable) ensures accuracy and maximizes the cleaning crews' safety.



  • Ecologo and Green Certified approved products are tested and safe for your cleaning crew, your customers, students or guests.

  • Switching to hyper-concentrated products eliminates 50% of the packaging and plastic bottles versus traditional 4/1 gallon cases.  



  • Consolidating products reduces your cleaning product expenses as much as 41%.

  • Switching to hyper-concentrated products reduces shipping costs and storage volume by 50%. 

Product literature is located on our Resources page.

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Power driving productivity best describes the NaceCare 244NX compact scrubber/dryer. This ingenious scrubber/dryer incorporates a solution tank and recovery tank for one-pass performance! 


The unit delivers an 80-minute battery runtime and is part of the NX300 Cordless Cleaning Network. In addition, other equipment within the product family use the same technology.  



  • 70% savings in cleaning costs

  • 80 minute battery runtime

  • 80% lower water use



  • Ergonomically designed with fully adjustable handle. 

  • Easy park-up mode allows users to move obstacles.

  • Lightweight - just 46 lbs.



  • Cleaning solution and water savings with smart machine design.


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