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Works on any water safe surface.




Restroom Toilets, Sinks, Partitions

Stainless Steel 

Carpet Cleaner or Spotter

Resilient Floors

Food Degreaser & Deodorizer  

Designed to keep your building clean and your janitorial crew safe, EnvirOx H2Orange2 can also reduce your storage needs and save money.


With two dilutions, a single product can complete 95% of cleaning tasks. It replaces glass, carpet, neutral floor, stainless steel and all-purpose cleaners plus acts as a sanitizer and virucide.

A second EnvirOx cleaner, the EcoLogo certified Mineral Shock, replaces high acid blow cleaner to remove hard water stains.


Biodegradable and made of plant-derived ingredients, EnvirOx has low/no VOCs and is safe for your janitorial crew - reducing your workers' comp exposure.  Your team can be trained to use EnvirOx properly in just 10 minutes.


To understand the true savings with EnvirOx, it's important to look at the total cost of use.  Because EnvirOx is hyper-concentrated, a simple case cost comparison doesn't tell the story.  Instead, we'll break down the numbers to show you yield comparison.


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EnvirOx Solution