• Traditional janitorial supplies: towels, bath tissue, soap and can liners.  

  • Green cleaning products:  hyper-concentrated with the highest certifications in the industry.

  • Compostable bags and foodservice items: bags, plates, cups and silverware.

  • Organic recycling and trash receptaclesglass, bottles and office paper plus organics.  Organics recycling or composting is not just about your banana peel.  It also includes food containers, think pizza boxes, and restroom towels from commercial bathrooms.​ According to Hennepin County (Minneapolis), nearly 2/3 of the total waste within the commercial and non-profit sector is recyclable.

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This Minneapolis property management firm is diverting all of their hand towels and coffee station waste into an organic recycling program.  We installed large wall-mounted receptacles for towels and a small trash container in their restrooms. 


They benefit from an incentive program with Hennepin County.  The “tip” fee, the cost to dump a ton of garbage in the landfill is reduced and the solid waste tax is waived on the organics. 

  • Easy implementation

  • Comprehensive compostable product availability

  • Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certified products

  • Meets ASTM D6400 standards