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Minnesota Bans Ingredient in Antibacterial Soap

November 4, 2016

Antibacterial soap does not protect people from germs or illness, and may in fact be harmful! The federal Food and Drug Administration warned in a report that triclosan, the ‘antibacterial’ ingredient in many soaps, is a toxic chemical. The FDA reported finding alarming levels of this toxic substance in water supplies and in human test samples. Triclosan has been shown to disrupt human hormone levels in test subjects. It was also reported that consumer antibacterial soaps with triclosan and were put on the market without data demonstrating clinically significant health benefits from their use in a non-hospital setting. More than 75% of Antibacterial products on the market today contain triclosan. Antibacterial product use has also been linked to the development of ‘super-bug’ bacteria that is proving to be antibiotic resistant! Critics, including the FDA, say there is no evidence that products containing triclosan are any more effective than washing with plain soap and water for preventing the spread of diseases

After the University of Minnesota published a study, which found increasing levels of triclosan in the sediments of several lakes, and that the chemical can break down in those waters into potentially harmful dioxins, Gov. Dayton ordered all state agencies to stop buying hand soaps, dish and laundry cleaners containing triclosan. In May of 2014, Gov. Dayton signed a bill to make Minnesota the first state to prohibit the use of triclosan in most retail consumer hygiene products. The House and State Senate approved this bill and it will take effect in less than 2 months on January, 1, 2017.

While this is excellent news for consumers who will no longer be exposed to such a dangerous chemical, it could pose problems for businesses that use antibacterial soap in their soap dispensers. Facility Sourcing Direct can help! Our products are safe for humans; they contain no banned substances and, in addition to being safe, are readily biodegradable. Our soaps are made from renewable resources and they protect water purity with low aquatic toxicity. Facility Sourcing Direct soap recommendations focus on refillable foam soap instead of cartridge foam or lotion soap, except in a healthcare settings. With our refillable, foam, nontoxic products, businesses can save an average of 75%. Our products are not only environmentally safe, but they provide the added benefit of recyclable gallon containers.

            We at Facility Sourcing Direct are proud that our state of Minnesota is taking a stand and leading the way in protecting consumers from the ill effects of the toxic chemical triclosan which is found in most antibacterial products. We sincerely care about the health and wellbeing of the people who use our products. We have never sourced or distributed harmful products…and we never will!

             If your business needs more information about triclosan, the upcoming ban on harmful antibacterial products, or sourcing replacement products, contact Facility Sourcing Direct!

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