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Entrance Mats Have Become Really Important to Me!

November 17, 2016


     I never really thought about floors and entrance mats or anything that I walked on; I just walked. And then I slipped on some water on the floor at work. Almost immediately the pain began. I went to the emergency room. Over the course of several months, I endured agony as I tried to heal. After almost six months, it was determined by my medical team that the only successful treatment was going to be spinal surgery. I had surgery; there were complications. I was left paralyzed from below my knees through my feet. After my surgery and month long stay in a rehabilitation hospital, I came home; about a week after I came home, I ventured out into the ‘real world’

     This is a long drawn out beginning, but relevant to ‘the rest of the story’. Venturing out made me conscious of entrance mats. On my first day out, I went to a retail store. I was just getting comfortable using a walker. I went through the first set of doors, and immediately caught the back of my walker on a curled up entrance mat and almost fell. After righting myself, I got into the store and was again stuck because my walker had caught on another curled up edge of an entrance mat! I was so frustrated!

     After shopping, we stopped at a restaurant. I couldn’t believe that I had another encounter with yet another curled up entrance mat! Once inside the restaurant, I stepped on a floor that was slippery and almost impossible for me to walk on.

     Over the past few months, I have gotten stronger and more used to my condition. I can now walk with a cane instead of a walker. But, sadly, the obstacles that I encountered on that first outing are still present in so many establishments that I have visited. I now avoid many businesses that I used to patronize because they have un-SAFE entrances and flooring.

     As I said, I never really thought about anything that I walked on; I just walked. I sure think about what I walk on now! That is one of the reasons that I am so proud to be a part of the Facility Sourcing Direct team! When Facility Sourcing Direct states that: their “goal is to provide Safety, Style, & Savings to improve employee and guest health and safety with stylish products. . .” I believe them! They really do put safety first; and, that is something I not only value, but is something for which I am grateful!

     If you need entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats, or commercial flooring (or know a facilities manager who does), please contact Facility Sourcing Direct; they care.       




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