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Composting is So Important!

December 26, 2016

What is composting? Composting is the process of giving life back to soil using organic materials. Composting is so valuable because many of the  minerals and other nutrients found in soil become depleted over time. Compost is made entirely from organic matter, which means it’s filled with minerals and nutrients that are ideal for replenishing the    depleted nutrients in soil. Another benefit of      composting is that compost acts as a natural sponge, storing  water and holding moisture in the soil for plants to use when needed. Keeping plant waste like paper products and food out of landfills is important. When organic material sits in landfills and isn’t  exposed to oxygen, or provided with the proper   materials for decomposition, it releases methane gas [which is a more potent greenhouse gas than Co2] into the air; which contributes to the growing problem of environmental change. Making organic waste part of  the solution to climate change as opposed to part of   the problem is an enormous benefit of composting. Composting eliminates any need to send organic materials to landfills to rot away, and re-purposes them to sustain life! Facility Sourcing Direct cares about the environment; we offer a  private labeled compostable bag! Contact us; lets take care of our planet together!



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