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Anti-Fatigue Mats are Worth the Investment!

January 3, 2017

Is it worth it, to provide Anti-Fatigue mats for employees? The answer is: yes, it is absolutely worth the investment!

A recent case study at Texas A & M Health Science Center concluded that the average ‘Return On Investment’ is $5 for every dollar invested in safety and health; and, in certain situations, that dollar amount can be much greater. Anti-Fatigue mats have been proven to: promote employee wellness, increase productivity and employee morale due to workplace comfort, reduced spinal compression, increases circulation, and reduce back, leg, foot and ankle fatigue.

Wow! With all of these benefits, it seems unimaginable that employers wouldn’t want Anti-Fatigue mats in their businesses!

Our Anti-Fatigue mats are lightweight and easy to clean. They are National Floor Safety Institute approved. Our mats are the most comfortable Anti-Fatigue floor mats on the planet and provide maximum relief to anyone performing a stand-up job task.

Let us know how we can assist you with your Anti-Fatigue mat needs.


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