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Compost Your Paper Waste at Home and at Work!

January 9, 2017


Every day, over 3,000 tons of paper towel waste is  produced in the US alone.

The average person uses 2,400 – 3,000 paper towels at work in a given year. . .             

Decomposing paper towels in landfills produce methane gas, which is a leading cause of climate change.

Composting keeps paper towels out of landfills. Just one ton of recycled/composted paper saves 3,700 pounds of lumber or 17 trees and 24,000 gallons of water.

So… please recycle and/or compost your paper waste at home and at work!

When you compost and recycle, you help protect Mother Earth by decreasing green house gas emissions, conserving  resources and saving energy!

For more information on compostable bags to help with composting and recycling at your work site, contact us at:

Lynn@facilitysourcingdirect.com   www.facilitysourcingdirect.com


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