Clean Green!!

Our green cleaning products are extremely effective. From an environmental perspective, these products are readily biodegradable and are produced from renewable resources; they protect water purity with low aquatic toxicity. Our green products do not require an expensive dilution system; they are concentrated which results in up to a 50% reduction in product costs. Also, our environmentally responsible green cleaning products may qualify for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design [LEED] points. We also recommend refillable foam soap over cartridge foam or lotion soap, except in a healthcare setting. When using our refillable system, businesses can save an average of 75% over cartridge foam dispensers; and, the soap containers are recyclable. We source universal dispensers which reduce end-user paper towel and bath tissue costs by as much as 34%; in addition, we reduce the packaging by as much as 2.5 times.

Our company has created and implemented complex recycling programs in large organizations and schools. We are anxious to help organizations implement or improve their green initiatives. Contact us today; let’s make the environment healthier together!

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