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Heavy Anti-Fatigue Mats Can Do More Harm Than Good!

January 31, 2017

The Women in this picture work in a school cafeteria; part of their duties includes washing the anti-fatigue mats on which they stand.

These women are of average stature and strength; the mats weigh 47 pounds each! Cleaning these heavy mats is an arduous task; lifting, moving, and cleaning these anti-fatigue mats makes those doing the work especially susceptible to injury!                                       

Worker’s Comp insurers… take note!

In contrast, our National Floor Safety Institute certified anti-fatigue mat weighs just 12 pounds making it much easier to move, lift and clean! The anti-fatigue mat that we source is a thick, closed cell, nitrile rubber mat; it reduces the physical stress of standing by up to 50%! Our anti-fatigue mats can help employers reduce workers compensation claims for those who utilize the mats to stand on, and those who have to clean them.

I believe the women who work in this school cafeteria would appreciate and benefit from using our quality, light-weight, durable anti-fatigue mat! I’m sure your employees would too!

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you reduce the risk of injury to your employees!



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