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Commercial Flooring May Prevent Injury!

February 1, 2017

In December of 2015, I fell at work. I was in the kitchen, which had a lovely tile floor. Though the floor was very nice, it was slippery when wet and very, very hard; many dishes, glasses, and coffee mugs met their demise on that floor. So, unfortunately, did I. It was a day like any other; I was just doing my job; I walked across the floor; I didn’t realize someone had spilled water and didn’t stop to clean it up or put up a caution sign; I slipped. I fractured my back. I have never fully recovered. After a year filled with surgery, therapy, hospitals, in-home care. . . the list could go on and on, I am handicapped. I have paralysis in my legs and feet because I slipped on a small water spill at work. Could my injury have been prevented? I think so. If my employer had installed commercial flooring, like that sourced by Facility Sourcing Direct, the likelihood of me falling would have been drastically reduced. The flooring sourced by Facility Sourcing Direct is certified by the National Floor Safety Institute, which means it helps reduce slips and falls; it was designed with safety in mind. I don’t usually share personal information with you. But, I feel very strongly about putting as many safety measures as possible in place for your guests and employees; and my personal ordeal is the reason why.

If you would like more information about commercial flooring, or any of the other products sourced by Facility Sourcing Direct…contact them; they put safety first!



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