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Tired of dealing with scum lines and harsh chemicals? We have a solution for you!

February 6, 2017


The secret to cleaner, clearer water in your swimming pool is removing organics! Commercial pool operators wage a constant battle with body oil, lotion, sweat, and other organic material deposited into the pool by their guests. It is estimated that for every hour spent in a pool/spa, a guest deposits up to a quart (32 oz.) of organic material! Yuk!

This organic material presents as scum which floats in the water until it attaches itself to the sides of the pool or spa. It coats the internal parts of the pump and results in a reduction in performance and increases maintenance costs.

The all natural enzymes, sourced by Facility Sourcing Direct, deliver an affordable solution by eliminating 80 - 90% of the scum lines, improving water clarity and reducing maintenance. This natural product is environmentally friendly;            it reduces unpleasant chemical odors and improves indoor air quality!

For more information on pool/spa enzymes or any of our other fine products, contact us today!

Lynn@facilitysourcingdirect.com   www.facilitysourcingdirect.com

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