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Make a Great First Impression!

July 27, 2017

This is a short list of Forbes recommendations to prospective employees of how to control or influence your perception to others or their first impression of you. 1. Make sure your appearance is neat, clean, and professional. 2. Project trustworthiness. 3. Exude friendliness, approachability, and likeability. These things, according to Forbes will enhance others’ perception of you, and could open doors to opportunities.

Couldn’t we use these same recommendations when we, as business owners, consider our perception to potential clients, guests, and employees? Before a potential client, guest, or employee speaks to staff, they have already received a first impression of your company by walking through the front door.

What did they see as they walked in? Did they see a welcoming, comfortable walking surface which is clean, free of debris, and adorned with an entrance mat that perhaps displays your logo or motto? Or, did they see something not quite as welcoming? At Facility Sourcing Direct, we source quality, customizable entrance mats that can not only help you make a stunning first impression to your visitors, our mats can save you serious money on rental fees. Want more information? Contact our amazing sales staff . . . today!

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