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EnvirOx is a Safe Cleaning Solution!

August 24, 2018

I want to tell you about a bad experience that I endured this week.

I hired a cleaning service to come in and clean my home. This is something I’ve never done before, but decided to give it a try. I diligently did my homework. I consulted several sites; checked references; spoke with business owners . . . and ultimately decided on the service I hired. I also stated that if all went well, I would hire this service to come in once or twice a month and clean for me.

 As I filled out forms and spoke to the potential services, I explained that I have severe asthma and cannot tolerate harsh chemicals as they almost always trigger an asthma attack. I was assured by the service I hired that they only used cleaning solutions that would not be an irritant because they were environmentally friendly.

The cleaning service people arrived on Wednesday morning. We discussed what I needed done, and they went to work. As I was sitting at my computer, I thought I heard an aerosol can being sprayed, but wasn’t sure; in about 5 minutes, I was sure. The person cleaning in the kitchen sprayed a harsh chemical on the counters that triggered a severe asthma attack.

I used my rescue inhaler for several minutes and then finally had to get out the nebulizer. After a couple of hours and two nebulizer treatments, I was able to breathe with only minor difficulty.

In the meantime, I had to text my husband - who was at work, and have him come home to deal with the cleaning service, as I couldn’t even talk to them. It was an awful and frightening experience!

Cleaning solvents and solutions are dangerous; often times people don’t realize how potentially life threatening they can be! The consequences of being exposed to harsh or volatile cleaning solvents can be devastating.

I share this with you as an example of why I so passionately promote Facility Sourcing Direct and their line of Health & Safety Enhancing products. The product I’d like to highlight today is their cleaning solution - EnvirOx.


EnvirOx manufactures cleaning chemicals that won't harm people or the environment. EnvirOx states: “We believe that clean doesn’t have to come at a health cost; you can have a safe, low-toxicity, healthy facility without sacrificing cleanliness, quality or ease of use.” They mean it too!

Facility Sourcing Direct sources EnvirOx, and other Health & Safety Enhancing products that help business/building owners/manager protect their Employees and Guests.

I really wish the cleaning service I hired used EnvirOx; it would have saved me a great deal of distress and discomfort; and, it would have saved them a client.

Do yourself, your guests, and your employees a favor - contact Lynn@facilitysourcingdirect.com to learn more about EnvirOx or go to - www.facilitysourcingdirect.com for information about all of their Health & Safety Enhancing products!

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