Neutral pH, why is 6 or 7 the magic number?

It's been many years since my high school chemistry classes. I'm certain we covered pH but here is a refresher on why 6 or 7 is the magic pH number for cleaning products.

On the acidic side (0-2 pH) bleach and toilet bowl cleaners are commonly used to remove mineral or hard water stains. Hydrochloric acid toilet bowl cleaners are dangerous to the cleaning crew. Plus, bleach or toilet bowl cleaner will permanently etch porcelain and bleach carpet.

On the opposite end of the pH scale are alkaline products or degreasers (12-14 pH) used to remove fats, oil and grease. These are equally dangerous.

Cleaning products with a pH of 6 or 7 are safe for the cleaning crew and work more effectively on both ends of the scale - from toilets to tile floors. Let us know if we can help select the neutral pH cleaning product for your facility. Hope you enjoyed the chemistry lesson!

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